What you’ll learn
Make decisions based on business data
You will learn how to use Google Sheets
You will understand how and why to smooth data and pick the best approach to apply
You will learn easy to understand, powerful forecasting techniques than can be easily implemented in a spreadsheet
You will learn how to transform data to make forecasting easier and more accurate
You will understand how to use charts to analyze data quickly and guide your analyses.
You will enhance your business skills and make more money!

Introductory remarks 

Why you will benefit from this course 
The benefits of Google Sheets 
Google Trends shows why you should take this course. 
Creating a Google Account 
Creating your first Spreadsheet 
2 questions

“What is Forecasting?
Extrapolation and Forecasting 
Simple Forecasting with slope and intercept 
Slopes, intercepts and Forecasting
2 questions
Using the FORECAST function 
Forecasting volatility
1 question

“Smoothing Data
Moving Averages 
Choosing a Moving Average 
Weighted Averages 
Averages Quiz
3 questions
Exponential Smoothing 
Exponentially smoothed forecast
1 question
Smoothing data 

“Extracting Trends
Trendline Types 
Simple Linear Trends 
Non-Linear Trendlines 
Finding Trendlines 
Transforming Data with Logarithms 
Real World Example – Stock Dividends 
Real World Example – Atmospheric CO2 levels 
Experience Curves 
Extracting Trends
6 questions

“Non Seasonal and Seasonal Sales Data Forecasting
Non-Seasonal Sales using Moving Averages 
Seasonal Sales Forecasting 1 
Sales Forecasting
3 questions

Which Types of Chart to use for Forecasting 
5 questions

“Modeling Profits and Cash Flow
Where is the company overdraft coming from? 

“Creating Your Own Functions
Scripting a custom exponential smoothing function 
Decisons, Decsisions 
4 questions

“Other Tasks
Uploading and downloading spreadsheets 
Collaborating on the same worksheet 
Embedding a live spreadsheet into a web page 
4 questions

+12: Avoiding Analytic Mistakes
Introduction to Errors 
Detrending data series 
Common Correlation issues 

+Summing Up

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