What you’ll learn
Make games with Python.
Create basic line and scatter plots with Matplotlib 1.5.
Customise our graphs with visuals, a title, labels, text and a legend.
Recognize types of visualization: histograms, pie charts, and box and whisker plots.

Introduction to Mastering Excel Date and Time

“Date and Time Value
Date Value in Excel
Time Value in Excel
Date and Time in Excel
Date and Time Formats

Datedif Function
Timedif Function
How to Calculate Hours in Excel
Mastering Excel Date and Time
Understanding Date Value
Examples on Time Value
Date and Time
Date Time Formats
Formula for Date and Time
Time Difference
Sign for Time Hour
Calculation for Date and Time
Function for Date Value
Excel Day Function
Days 360 Function
Excel WeekDay Function
Excel Today Function
Edate and Eomonth
Formula for Week Numbers
Workday and Workday Intl
Year and Year Fac
Hour Function
Understanding Now Function
Defining Time Function
Date and Time Entries
Analysing with Time Entries

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