What you’ll learn
Understanding of Google Ecosystem management
Build a solid understanding on the Google Sheets Basics
Create amazing visualisation with Google Charts
Link sheets to Internet and Web data to the Sheets
Creating dynamic reports with Pivot Tables
Manage Surveys by using Google Forms
Master the data by Lookup, IF, SUM & FILTER, GETPIVOTDATA and others..
Analyze Data with Google Queries
Automate your work by Macros and modify it by Scripting

“1 Introduction

“2 The Best approach to Google Sheets Training
How to use this course

“3 Google Ecosystem
How to work with Google apps

“4 Google Sheets Beginners
4.1.1 Create new spreadsheet 
4.1.2 Organize sheets 
4.2.1 Organize Data: Basic formatting 
4.2.2 Working with data formats 
4.2.3 Basic formulas and cell references 
4.2.4 Data filtering 
4.3.1 How to use basic formulas 
4.3.2 Managing the formulas 
4.4.1 Conditional formatting 
4.4.2 Filtering Data 
4.5.1 Inserting Images 
4.5.2 Gsheet Drawings 
4.6.1 Creating a Column Chart 
4.6.2 Modify and Publish the Chart 
4.6.3 Charts Auto creation 
4.6.4 Sparklines charts 
4.7 Publishing and Printing Gsheet Worksheet 
4.8 Working with Sheet Templates 

“5 Google Sheets Intermediate
5.1.1 Import Data to GSheet 
5.1.2 Export Data from GSheet 
5.2.1 Splits, Duplicates, Comparisons by Add-ons 
5.3 Using Gsheet Forms 
5.4 Gsheet Database Functions 
5.5 Gsheet Data Validation 
5.6.1 Create basic Pivot Table 
5.6.2 Enhanced Pivot Features 
5.7.1 Consolidating Data from multiple sheets 
5.7.2 Consolidating Data from multiple Worksheets 

“6 Google Sheets Advanced
6.1 Working with Conditional Functions 
6.2.1 Lookup functions 
6.2.2 Other Lookup Functions 
6.3 Working with Text Functions 
6.4 Protecting Data and Sheets 
6.5 Retrieving Data by Query Function 
6.6 Automating Repetitive Tasks with Macros 
6.7 Simple Scripting 

“7 Bonus section
Link to Curriculum and Spreadsheets
Bonus Lecture: 75% DISCOUNT to Google Data Studio Course

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