What you’ll learn
Make games with Python.
Create basic line and scatter plots with Matplotlib 1.5.
Customise our graphs with visuals, a title, labels, text and a legend.
Recognize types of visualization: histograms, pie charts, and box and whisker plots.

“Conditional Calculations
How to take this course
Section 1 Introduction
Logical tests and if statement
What is a logical Test and Comparative Operator?
What is the use of Logical Operators and IF statement ?
How to Construct an IF statement
Nested IF Statements
Logical Functions Explore Activity
Logical formulas and functions
Are there short cuts when it comes to IF statement that can be used?
Other IF and IFS Functions
How can I sum with a condition attached?
How can I sum with multiple condition attached?
IFS function to Replace Nested IF statement
Minifs and Maxifs
Conditional Calculations

“Lookup Functions
Section 2 Introduction
Basics of Vlookup
What is HLookup and Vlookup and what limitations does it pose?
Index and Match
What is Index and Match
Can I combine Lookup with Match?
Lookup and Match
How Can I combine Index and Match?
Lookup to the left video
How can I lookup to the left?
Simple to Complex Lookup
lookup assignment
The Choose Function
Lookups with Text
Switch Function

“Relative/Absolute Cell References and Rounding
Section 3 Introduction
How can one become more efficient at writing formula?
Relative and Absolute Cell References in action
What is a relative cell reference?
What is an absolute cell reference?
How do I lock in cells going down the rows
How do I lock in cells going across the columns?
Relative Cell References
Relative and absolute cell references
Why is Rounding so important ?
How do I round a a number to a specified number of digits?
How do I round up?
How do I round down?
How do I round to a ceiling or floor?
How do I round to an integer, odd or even number?
Round Functions in excel
Small and Large

“Working with Date Time and Text in Excel
Section 4 Introduction
TEXTJOIN function
Advanced TEXTJOIN with Array IF Statements
When would a user work with text in Excel
How do I extract text using Left, Right and Mid?
How can I clean up and format my text?
How can I search a text string and amend text?
What is custom formatting?
How can I use custom formatting to add text to a cell?
How can I create a dynamic Label?
working with text
Custom Formatting
How does Excel recognize Date and Time?
How can I calculate duration?
How do I use EOMonth?
How can custom formatting change the presentation of date and time?
What other Date or Time functions should I be aware of?
How does working with date and time increase the efficiency of Excel Users?
date and time

“Data Validation and Error resistant formulas
Section 5 Introduction
data validation
What is Data Validation
How do I apply data validation?
How do I add an error alert or input message
Error Resistance
What is an Error resistant formula?
What functions can I use to create error resistant formula?
Formula Auditing Tips
How to document an entire workbook
Data Validation and error resistance

“Financial Functions in Excel
Section 6 Introduction
Future Value
How do I calculate future value in Excel
Simple and compound interest
effective interest rate
How do I calculate the effective interest rate
present value
Net present value
How do I calculate the present and net present values
How do I use the PMT function from the borrowers view?
How do I use the PMT function from the lenders view and what is NPER?
Financial Functions in Excel
Other financial functions

“Introduction to analysis in excel
Section 7 Introduction
Working with tables theory
tables and filters
Extract data from a table with 1 variable
Advanced filters 2 criteria
1 variable analysis
How can I carry out a 1 variable analysis in Excel?
2 variable analysis table
How can I carry out a 2 variable analysis in Excel
What is Scenario Manage, Goal Seek and Solver
scenario manager and goal seek
How do I use Goal Seek?
How do I use Scenario Manager
Using solver
How do I use Solver
Advanced use of Solver
Correlation between values
what if analysis

“Rank and Reference Functions
Section 8 Introduction
How to use Excels Rank functions
Advanced Rank
What are reference functions and how do they benefit users
What is the OFFSET function?
Offset Example
How do I use OFFSET?
Indirect Example
What is the INDIRECT Function?
How do I use INDIRECT and overcome errors?
How do I use Rows and Columns?
reference functions

“Named Ranges and User Defined Functions
Section 9 Introduction
Dynamic Named Ranges
What are named ranges and what are the benefits of use
How do I set up Named Ranges?
How to I find and edit and use named ranges?
How do I set up a dynamic named range
What you should know about User Defined Functions
Named ranges and UDF

“Pivot Tables
What is a Pivot Table
How to set up a basic pivot table
How do i set up a Pivot table
basic Calculations in Pivot tables
How do I change the value settings
How do I add calculations to my Pivot Table
More on Pivot tables
How do I work with Dates in a Pivot Table?
How do I add a Report filter?
Adding calculated fields
Add Pivot Charts
awesome pivot table tricks
Course Conclusion

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